Automotive Products

Water Pump Bearings
High reliablity has been achived by special and high performance seals. NSK offers a wide line of bearing to meet all requirement.

Bearing for Tensioner & Idler
High relability achived by special grease and high performance. NSK offers a wide line of bearing to meets of every type of belt and layout.

Drawn-Cup Needle Roller Bearings for Camshaft Jornals
Super thin cross section and low friction have been achieved.

BWFH type Water Pump Bearing
High capacity and high moment rigidity have baan achieved by increassing the limited number of balls in the front row.

Ball Bearing for Turbocharger
The cartridge bearing has tittle mechanical loss while requiring no preload setting.

Bearings for Alternator
Highly reliable alternator bearings that offer high performance, hight temperatures conditions, high speed whithsealing bearings.

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